IT Services Montana

I formed I.T.S. Montana in the summer of 2016 after I relocated from the San Francisco Bay Area where I had been working as a Software and IT Service Professional since 1981.

Highlights of my career and relevant experience:

I graduated from the University of Manchester with an Honors Degree in Computation in 1980.

I worked at Oracle in a number of positions from 1985 until 1989.

I was the first Engineering Manager hired by Yahoo in 1996.

My wife and I ran our own Website Development Company from 2010 until we moved to Bozeman, MT in 2015.

I am also the Co-founder of the 501c3 Non-profit organization 9 Energies which is a context for our human experience. There are 9 Energy Centers in our body. One is born active, we call it our Natural Energy. Our Natural Energy affects how we interact with people, how we experience our spiritual nature, how our bodies develop, even how we move. For people looking to tap into their deeper selves, knowing this information gives a physical way to follow our own personal truth.

ITS Montana